Terms of use.

1. Customer account

1.1. The client cannot log into his account during the execution of the order (drivers will execute the order at the time that you specified in the form).

1.2. The customer’s account should have enough silver for a comfortable order.

1.3. The tank on which the driver will play must have 100% crew and the ability to rearrange the equipment at the request of the driver.

1.4. The tank should be in the top configuration (with the exception of orders for farm experience).

2. The procedure for placing an order and receiving services.

2.1. The client must carefully read the agreement and other rules and instructions relating to the provision of intermediary services by the agent (posted on the agent's website).

2.2. To place an order, the client selects the necessary service through the form on the agent’s website and fills in all the fields marked as mandatory. Among other things, these fields will contain the essential terms of the transaction concluded by the agent with third parties (players) for the execution of the agreement. the agent has the right to depart from these conditions only on condition that this does not infringe on the interests of the client and does not entail additional costs for him.
With regard to conditions not specified by the client, the agent is entitled to act at its discretion.

2.3. The client, sending the agent the completed form, gives his full and unconditional consent to compliance with the agreement and other conditions for the agent to provide the services set forth on the agent’s website, as well as the terms of transactions selected by the client when filling out the form (nature, scope of services, their cost, etc.) in which the agent will enter into transactions with third parties pursuant to the agreement.

2.3. After sending the order form, the customer pays at the indicated rate. The specified amount of payment is sent by the agent to pay for the player’s actions in a transaction concluded with the agent in the interests of the client, and also includes the agent’s remuneration by agreement.

2.5.Payment is made by any of the methods indicated on the agent’s website. By mutual agreement, the parties may choose a different payment method.

2.6 The agent undertakes to take the necessary actions to fulfill the agreement within a reasonable time. As a rule, the agent indicates the usual deadlines for the relevant order on the agent’s website.

2.7. The client can instruct the agent to conclude a transaction with the player to perform actions leading to the transfer of the game object to the client, leveling the character or for other purposes, as well as other actions indicated on the agent’s website.

2.8. In the case of ordering intermediary services aimed at pumping the character of the client, the client agrees to transfer the necessary information to the agent (game account data - to enter the game and carry out the game process with the corresponding character). The client understands and agrees that the specified information will be transferred by the agent to a third party, which the agent will find, for leveling. The client agrees not to use his game account without the prior consent of the agent and / or contrary to the instructions that the agent will receive from the relevant third party.

2.9. If the agent has not fulfilled the customer’s order within the time specified on the agent’s website, the customer may demand a return of the funds transferred or the agent may return them at his discretion.

3. Special conditions:

3.1. The client understands and confirms that the agent acts on behalf of the client, that the agent performs only intermediary functions for the client and cannot be held responsible for the possible actual and / or legal consequences of the player’s and other third parties fulfilling the client’s order (for example, some games may include game sanctions for certain actions, including blocking the account for transferring it to third parties; the Agent does not study and / or check the rules of the games and does not check the actions of the client, in om the number associated with the agreement, for compliance with the rules of the game). The agent is only liable for the proper execution by third parties of the actions ordered by the client, but not for their effect, result.

3.2. On the part of the agent, the proper signing (analogous to a handwritten signature) will also be considered the placement of documents on the agent’s website, as only the agent and its authorized persons have the right to access information posted on the agent’s website. Documents posted on the site as a result of criminal actions of third parties will not have legal force for the parties.

3.3. Messages sent from the contact email addresses of the parties are documents drawn up in simple written form and duly signed by the relevant party (sender) analogue of a handwritten signature. The parties agree that such documents (messages) will have legal force without any additional confirmation or execution (including without their own signing), unless otherwise expressly indicated on the agent’s website or agreed by the parties.

4. Additional terms

4.1. You are responsible for paying any commission fees, taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery of your goods arising from your relationship with payment service providers, as well as for the payment of fees and taxes imposed by your local customs authorities or other regulatory bodies. For questions or complaints regarding customer service, please contact us by e-mail. ([email protected]) If possible, we will work with you and / or any user selling products on our website to resolve any disputes arising from your purchase.

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