Our warranties

Why can we be trusted?

Raisen.eu provides services relevant and necessary for players for more than 1 year.

During our work, we have formed a well-coordinated and effective team and we know how to upgrade your account quickly and efficiently.

We can present you the following guarantees, many of which are unique to the market for such services:

  • Great service!
  • We work from 10 00 to 04 00 Moscow 365 days a year!
  • No need to register and remember passwords!
  • Polite and pleasant operators are available 20 hours a day and will help with any questions.!
  • We work fast! We deliver gold in minutes, pump accounts on time!
  • We promptly accept the order and carry out work on it.
  • Do not give empty promises!
  • Our customer reviews.

Account security.

During our work, and at the moment our experience as a player is more than 8 years, we have developed methods and mastered the processes that make pumping your account as quick and efficient as possible. In compliance with all security measures, you are almost completely protected from sanctions by the administration.

We never use :

  • Bots or other scripts that automate gameplay.
  • Cheats, injections to gain an advantage over players.
  • Bugs and vulnerabilities of the game, for which you can get a ban or other sanctions.
  • Unfair and unsportsmanlike tricks that lead to unpleasant consequences.
  • Game currency obtained by dishonest means .
  • Personal data for everything not related to order fulfillment .
  • Your contacts for spam and other unwanted offers.

We always use:

  • Professional players and masters to solve problems and fulfill orders.
  • Secure VPN connections and encryption protocols to mask work and protect your personal data.
  • Honest and effective ways to achieve results..


You can always return your money in cases of payment by mistake, disagreement with the conditions or unforeseen circumstances..

We will also refund the money if you are dissatisfied with the service for objective reasons or if for some reason the service is not possible. Raisen.eu Appreciates its reputation and good customer attitude.

In case you want to make a refund before the deadline for the fulfillment of the reasons not depending on the actions of our performers, the refund is made in the amount of 70% of the order .

You can request a refund through our operators - in the lower right corner, or by e-mail - [email protected]

Turning to us, you are always protected by such laws of the Russian Federation:

By ordering goods and services on our website, you agree to the agreement with the user and privacy policy, which give you additional guarantees of safety and security .

High-quality site and our attitude to business.

The current site is a product of our experience and vision of the ideal site for the provision of in-game services. We spend money and time on daily improvement of each element of our work. During our existence, this is the third version, which has incorporated all the best that we had on previous sites.

One-day fraudsters and offices make websites with a primitive design, stolen content and services created for one purpose only - to steal your money.

Do not fall for low prices and loud promises, you need to prove the words with deed. And the activity is to confirm with one’s attitude and work experience towards it .

In terms of site quality, assortment and quality of work, we have always been and will be a positive example for the entire service industry.

Complete Confidentiality and Anonymity

We are professionals and work exclusively with professionals. Check out our privacy policy. Information about you and your orders will never reach third parties. .

By default, we do not reply to private messages or messages from your friends, clan, etc. You can personally pass on any additional instructions to our managers - what and whom to answer, etc.

We do not use your data for unsolicited mailings, spam and other methods of transmitting information .

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