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What is Referral Program 2.0

Referral program 2.0 in World of Tanks is a system that allows a player to recruit recruits and become their commander. Together they will have to score points, and this can be done both jointly and separately. MORE

Tank pumping World of Tanks

After adding the Polish branch to the game, the total number of combat units exceeded five hundred. Now for gamers, pumping World of Tanks tanks takes even more time. If a person wants to unlock a technique, he can contact us. The site employs professional tankers who are able to achieve the desired result in a short period of time. MORE

Tanks: Crew Experience

Experienced players know that when playing tanks, the experience of the crew affects the behavior of vehicles in battle. Trained fighters are at least half the guarantee of a successful battle. Some do not give the parameter due importance, in vain thinking that in the midst of military battles, you can feel confident with 50% soldiers. Also, experience in World of Tanks tanks can be directed to skills that can help out in a difficult situation in the middle of a battle. MORE

Prem for silver farming

Until the transition to the seventh level of technology, the player does not experience problems with a lack of currency, quickly opening new combat units. However, closer to the tenth level, even victorious battles are often unprofitable. Because of this, many begin to look for prem for silver farming. But choosing the right tank is not easy. MORE .

Tank crew pumping

The tank on which the player goes into battle and the installed modules are of great importance, but the characteristics of the team members sitting inside are also important. Upgrading the tank's crew plays an important role in World of Tanks, since the experience of the fighters directly affects the behavior of the vehicle. MORE

How to pump tanks faster

World of Tanks contains hundreds of pieces of military equipment that take hundreds of hours to open. It is logical that people think: how to pump tanks faster? There are techniques that can solve this problem. MORE

How to get marks on the barrel in WoT?

Players love to brag about their accomplishments to others, and because of this, they are looking for ways to get marks on the barrel in WoT. After adding them in 2014 with the 9.1 update, many have the opportunity to earn a distinction that proves their mastery of specific equipment. Now getting marks on the WoT barrel is a paramount task for some, because of which they log into the game every day. MORE

Mark on the barrel in battle

Several years ago, the developers introduced a mark on the barrel in battle in World of Tanks, helping to see skilled players in the middle of military battles. Nowadays, the insignia is appreciated among gamers, and everyone wants to get it. MORE

Frontline Rules

he Front Line 2019 consists of seasons that last weekly. The mode will be available from February to November. Each month, developers will turn it on for seven days, and then go on a break. This mode is one of the most interesting in WoT, both in terms of gameplay and structure. The gameplay in the Frontline is divided into matches with 60 players, divided into two teams. One plays the role of attackers, others - defenders. MORE

LBZ 1.0

Despite the fact that company 2.0 was added to World of Tanks a long time ago, many tankers have not yet completed the first LBZ. Moreover, if the set of tasks for StuG IV is quite easy, and you do not need to own a high skill of the game, then to complete the tasks of Object 260 WoT, you need to make a lot of effort. In this article, we will explain in more detail what the mission sets of the first campaign are, share tactics, and also talk about the rewards. MORE

The importance of the World of Tanks warlord

An important part of the life of the clan is various battles, presented in the form of attacks and attacks. Once on the battlefield with their clan, players can play various roles on the map, and one of the most important is the position of a warlord. He is responsible for the choice of tactics, technology, and throughout the battle he gives orders to the clanmates how to act depending on the development of the battle. MORE
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