Ranked Battles

Select the rank or league you want to take

*Before ordering, make sure you have
the required tanks for Ranked Battles.

(Rank prices add up. Those. so that we take the second
rank from zero, select items 1 and 2)


Division III

Division II

Division I

Super price

To order you need:

  • Availability of 100 gold (to change additional equipment)
  • Possibility to install three additional. equipment of the driver's choice
  • Adequate silver on your account
  • Ability to retrain the crew to choose a driver
  • Availability of 3 million silver

Тanks for ranked battles

  • HT - Об277, WZ5A, Super Conqueror, Оb 705а, IS7, Kranvagn
  • MT - Оb 430, Progetto 65, TVP T 50\51, UDES 15/16
  • TD - Т110Е4, Т110Е3, 268\4
  • LT - Т-100 LT, EBR105
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