Tanks: Crew Experience

Seasoned players know that when playing tanks, the crew's experience influences the behavior of vehicles in battle. Trained fighters are at least half the guarantee of a successful battle. Some do not give the parameter due importance, in vain thinking that in the midst of military battles, you can feel confident with 50% soldiers. Also, experience in World of Tanks tanks can be used for skills that can help out in a difficult situation in the middle of a battle.

Why do you need to download the crew

Experience in the Tanks game is necessary for pumping several directions at once, and the main one is unlocking vehicles and modules. But each combat unit is controlled by a certain number of soldiers with individual parameters that can be improved. For this, the crew experience is present in WoT. This resource is measured as a percentage, and the higher it is for a particular soldier, the better the tank's characteristics will be. For example, when steering at 85%, the vehicle accelerates better than at 50%.

Upon reaching 100%, the opportunity to learn skills and abilities for the character opens up. Each skill gives a specific effect. In WoT, crew experience and properly selected skills will help you emerge victorious in any battle

How to earn exp

If a player decided to direct the pumping of tank experience to improve the squad, then he can use the following methods:

  • play more matches: fighters are pumped during battles, and the higher their number, the greater the effect;
  • training: for gold, a person can train a soldier 100%;
  • if your account has a lot of experience in tanks, which is considered free, you can increase the percentage of possession of an active skill on it;
  • acquire and activate personal reserves aimed at increasing the XP earned;
  • in WoT, it is better to pump experience on those machines that a gamer ideally owns and most often uses.

Accelerated Learning

This option helps to direct the experience on elite tanks to the crew. After activation, all XP for a battle is spent only on improving soldiers. This helps to increase parameters faster, making them more effective in battle

Where to order a tank upgrade in WoT

If a person cannot carry out dozens of battles every day to achieve the desired result, he can resort to outside help in order to gain experience in World of Tanks.

Our service kolobanov.pro, which provides services for boosting accounts in the game, will be the ideal solution. The site employs professional players who are able to achieve the desired result in a short period of time and show a detailed report on the actions taken. You will need to specify the required technique and highlight the options of interest. While the performer earns XP for the tank, the crew will also be pumped.

For a reasonable fee, the client will receive a World of Tanks experience boost, after which the fighters of their favorite vehicles will challenge any enemy.

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