Prem for silver farming

Until the transition to the seventh level of technology, the player does not experience problems with a lack of currency, quickly opening new combat units. However, closer to the tenth level, even victorious battles are often unprofitable. Because of this, many are starting to look for prem for silver farming. But choosing the right tank is not easy.

Premium vehicles

There are premium tanks in WoT, which help to earn more during the battle, as they bring 50% more resources. Such samples are bought only for gold and are in the range from 2 to 8 levels. The project is designed in such a way that for successful actions the user gets more money and experience. However, premium tanks for silver farming also require accurate play, frags and highlights from the owner.

The peculiarity of such samples is elite. There is no need to learn additional modules, the stock configuration is considered optimal.

Choosing a good premier tank for silver farming is based on preferences and playing style.

Most profitable prem tanks

World of Tanks provides a choice of hundreds of gold cars that can satisfy user requests. However, certain models may not be suitable for the manner of play: some are intended for defense, the horse of others is a ram and a frontal attack, the third must be shot with maximum accuracy due to the low penetration. Therefore, a premium tank for farming silver is chosen carefully.

The following techniques are popular among experienced gamers:

  • KV-5: durable armor that helps when playing against levels 9-10, rate of fire helps out in duels;
  • Lowe: 400m vision and powerful weapons help to inflict thousands of damage per battle;
  • Type 59: thick armor, maneuverability and a penetrating cannon in the hands of a skilled gamer will provide a lot of resources;
  • FCM 50t: cheap shells, long viewing range and rate of fire;
  • Rheinmetall Skorpion G: high penetration helps to destroy even level X armored lines.

The best tactics for making money

The acquisition of equipment for real money must be approached with responsibility. Numerous reviews on the Internet, telling about the parameters and gameplay features, will help you choose the best premium tank for silver farming.

During the battle, the player must be careful. Going into battle on the prem of the eighth level, you will most likely come across a match where most of the tanks of the tenth. In this case, the gamer should not be on the rampage, but hide behind the “older” comrades, targeting the weak points of the enemies.

Also, if a person chooses for himself the best premium for farming silver, he will be able to kill a technique of his level without any problems, when faced with it one on one.

After each battle, the game analyzes the progress of the players and adds the total number of points to the overall standings. Moreover, playing in a platoon has certain features: the commander receives a bonus to experience and silver in the amount of 50%, and the recruit gets an additional 100% to the earned resources.

Order silver farm at premium

If a player wants a lot of money for an account, but does not want to waste time, it is better for him to contact the service for help. Tankers working for the project will easily earn the required amount of currency, simultaneously pulling up the account statistics. The customer will need to provide premium tanks for silver farming and wait for the service to complete.

By registering an account, the user will be able to receive information about completed orders and reports. Special sections with portfolio and guarantees help to ensure the quality of the project.

Also, the pros are happy to answer your questions by giving advice. For example, if a gamer wants to learn more about the tactics of earning resources, get a list of the best premiums for farming silver in 2020, he can safely contact technical support for help.

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