Tank crew pumping

The tank on which the player goes into battle and the modules installed are of great importance, but the characteristics of the team members sitting inside are also important. Upgrading the tank's crew plays an important role in World of Tanks, since the experience of the soldiers directly affects the behavior of the vehicle.

Specialties of tankers

Different vehicle models have a certain number of crew members. Each performs individual functions and affects the gameplay parameters. The game has the following professions:

  • commander - flashes enemy vehicles, gives a bonus boost for pumping to the rest of the soldiers;
  • gunner - affects the shooting accuracy, gun aiming speed, turret rotation;
  • driver - maximum speed, control and maneuverability depend on him;
  • radio operator - marks the spotted enemies on the map located at a fixed distance;
  • loader - affects reload speed.

Soldiers have a training percentage: the higher it is, the better the technical characteristics are. For example, with a 100% crew, the tank moves faster, turns, shoots faster than with a 50% crew. The skill gradually grows as the fighter participates in battles.

When buying new equipment, the user for a fee can choose the skill level of the fighters: 50%, 75% or 100%

Skills and abilities

When the level of possession of a soldier reaches 100%, the possibility of installing perks opens up for them. They provide additional bonuses during the battle. For example, they reduce the likelihood of fire, speed up turret rotation, enhance camouflage, etc. In the World of Tanks, upgrading the crew may mean just the installation of skills, their development to the maximum.

Each perk after installation has a zero percentage of ownership. As you participate in battle, it will grow. It is also boosted using Free XP. The gamer can gradually install the available skills, but you cannot pump the next one without having studied the previous one as much as possible.

There is a difference between skills and abilities: the former start working only after reaching a 100% proficiency level, the latter are activated immediately, and the higher the percentage, the greater the effect they give.

Accelerated Learning

Thanks to this option in World of Tanks, crew pumping is carried out faster, since all exp earned for the battle is spent on it.

The player needs to decide what is more important for him: to open the next tank faster or to train soldiers for the selected vehicle.

Where to order in World of Tanks crew upgrade

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