How to pump tanks faster

World of Tanks contains hundreds of pieces of military equipment, which take hundreds of hours to open. It is logical that people are thinking: how to pump tanks faster? There are tricks that can solve this problem.

Regular battles

The most obvious, banal advice is to play more. If a gamer has a lot of free time to spend several dozen battles every day, quickly pumping tanks will not be a problem.

During the constant online, he will gain experience, master the intricacies of managing most of the technology. As a result, he will unlock the desired unit in a short time and will have a good chance of winning.

Daily Victories

The project is designed in such a way that fast WoT pumping is possible by playing on various models of vehicles. For the first victory of the day on a tank, the system awards silver and exp at a double coefficient.

Having won a battle on each combat unit from the hangar, a person will receive twice as many resources used to open modules of the next levels. Also, if he evenly downloads the branches of several nations, he will be able to understand which tank to pump faster.


In order for the user to receive more resources at the end of the battle, the system offers to purchase a premium account for a certain period. With it, the player will receive 50% more experience and credits, which will speed up the process by half.

If the gamer did not know how to upgrade the crew faster in WoT, after activating the “accelerated training” option, the premium will be an excellent solution, but the function is available only on elite vehicles.

Group of friends

Before or during a battle, players create platoons to participate in the battle collectively, supporting each other. This increases the chances of winning, earning a large amount of currency.

If a person needs to quickly pump tanks in World of Tanks, he can invite friends to the project to plunge into endless battles together. Working together, developing tactics, gamers will win the match without any problems, earn a decent amount of exp and silver.

Order a fast WoT boost

When a player does not want to waste time to achieve the desired result, he can order a quick upgrade of World of Tanks on the service. The resource employs professionals with thousands of fights behind them.

The client will need to communicate his wishes, select the result that the contractor will provide after a certain period of time. Also, tankers are ready to share their own experience, answering questions of interest, for example, on which tanks to upgrade the crew faster, which levels are more suitable for farming, etc.

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